The Super Search APP video is below

Take back control of google and make google great again!!
we improve your google search and block google ads for only $7.00 US dollars! or £5 pounds

Go to the APP store and search for the SuperSearch app! It improves your google search. When you use our Super Search App your still searching google, but we filter sites based on relevance to your keywords not links. Over time your google search will get better and better as we update the app's filter algorithm. Please, we need you to email us if you come across a google search that brings up irrelevant results. We also block sites if you have to click lots of times before you get what your looking for. Some directory websites are excluded because they steal your email and waste your time. Even the most advanced google search will not be able to tell a good directory website from a bad one! We also give you the choice to block google ads, or let them through, as these are only sometimes relevant. With our app there's no advertising, no in app purchases, and we will never sell your data!